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Frequently asked questions

How often can I stay at The Soul Shack?

You are welcome to stay as often as you like. We would love to have you!

Some participants may attend a five-day stay every month, whereas another participant may attend once per year. It is totally flexible to suit you and your carers’ wants and needs, and your current available NDIS funding.

Extended stays of up to 14 days at a time are available (at a ratio of 1:1 outside of group program dates).

Does my support coordinator need to make THE referral?

Absolutely not. Anyone can make an enquiry to The Soul Shack. Support coordinators are welcome to do this on a participant’s behalf, but the participants, their carers, or other service providers are also able to contact us.

Can I receive support with my mates?

If you already have mates that have NDIS funding you can attend a five-day stay together. This can be a great option for celebrating birthday parties, getting to know your friends on a deeper level, and have an opportunity for extended time together. A private group is made available for six or more participants when arranged together. Smaller groups may have additional attendees staying.

Community support can be provided to groups of two or more participants on a regular basis to work towards common NDIS goals. This can be a great way to spend time with your mates, whilst working towards your NDIS goals.

What are other participants like AT The Soul Shack?

The Soul Shack is inclusive of all people and as a result, participants will have varying levels of abilities and challenges, just like the staff do.

Everyone at The Soul Shack is a valued member of the team and is supported to participate to the best of their ability.

Participants that are more independent will have the opportunity to support others, provide mentoring and increase their confidence in leadership.

Participants that require higher levels of support will have the opportunity to learn from others, work at their individual pace, and participate within a supportive encouraging team.

Has safety been considered at The Soul Shack?

Safety is of upmost importance at The Soul Shack, with specific policies and procedures in place to keep everyone safe.

Risk assessments are completed for all activities and procedures are developed based on these. Please request copies if you would like to view them.

Individual risk assessments are completed on each participant through a meeting with the participant, their carer, and the Occupational Therapist, the purpose of which is to ensure safety and appropriate support is provided.

What do I need to bring when staying at The Soul Shack?

Once you have booked in, we will provide you with a packing list. Typically you will bring your own personal clothing, toiletries, closed shoes, water shoes, bedding, and towels.

Can I bring my current support worker/carer with me?

Your current support worker or carer can attend the stay with you, if this is necessary due to your support needs.

The aim of attending is to learn to receive support in a new environment with new workers, and thus support is still provided by the Soul Shack staff at a 1:2 or 1:1 ratio.

Please complete an enquiry form to request further information.

Can I volunteer or do work experience at The Soul Shack?

Often people want to be involved in The Soul Shack experience, after all, it truly is a fun, laughter-filled, learning opportunity.

We welcome volunteers, but they are required to cover their own costs for activities, meals, and accommodation, have a police check and blue card, and follow the values, policies and procedures of the organisation.

What if I don't have funding to attend the Soul Shack?

If you are an NDIS participant, or if you have exhausted your funds, please contact the NDIS and request a review of your plan to include funding for The Soul Shack's services.

Carers Gateway have funding available to assist Carers to access respite services. They can be contacted on ph: 1800 422 737.

If you are not an NDIS participant we offer a limited number of free and subsidised stays throughout the year. Please contact The Soul Shack and ask for a scholarship application form.

More Questions and Answers to be added ... please complete the enquiry form to ask your specific questions