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Soul Shack Employees

Soul Shack employees are carefully selected based on their underlying values and principles in life, and their ability to connect to others on a soul-to-soul level. These are the fundamental requirements to being an amazing support worker and allied health assistant.

Their experience working with people varies considerably. This is purposefully created to ensure an amazing team. The younger and less-experienced staff receive very close supervision and always work within a team environment; whilst the more experienced staff are given the opportunity to share their knowledge and support strategies.

All employees attend regular professional development training sessions and team-building exercises, and undertake individual and group supervision with the Occupational Therapist.

All staff have a current NDIS Worker Screening Check and Blue Card. A number of staff members also hold First Aid Certificates and Bronze Medallions (qualified Life Guard).

The Occupational Therapist is available 24/7 to provide support in an emergency, and works closely with participants. All senior staff have completed the Certificate 3 in Individual Support, Certificate 4 in Allied Health Assistant, or similar. Less-experienced staff are undertaking the Certificate 3 in Individual Support through a traineeship, and work within a team environment with close supervision until qualified.

Meet the team


A hippy free-spirited mum who has finally outgrown the gypsy stage. 

Owner / manager / Occupational Therapist

I love to assist others with creative, individualised ‘out of the box’ approaches. I describe myself as ‘a professional unprofessional’. I use my allied health professional skills, experience and knowledge in a non-clinical, non-formal manner.

I am passionate about Mental Health, inclusion of everyone, travel and culture.

'I do my life my way'. It is important to me that others love their true unique self and honour this by following their own path in life, despite how crazy or unusual it may seem to others. 

My previous experience has been in inpatient and crisis mental health, the education system, and private practice with a sensory integration focus. I enjoy educating people on creative sensory modulation strategies to assist with emotional regulation, challenging behaviours, and anxiety.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science – Occupational Therapy and Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Youth Mental Health. I am an Internationally Certified Sensory Integration Practitioner and Personal Medicine Coach. I am a qualified life guard. In addition I have completed countless professional development training courses throughout my career.



A world of experience!

I come from a space where I wear more than one hat. My role at the Soul Shack is as the Disabilities Coordinator which sees me working alongside the team supporting higher needs participants. I am also a carer of my adult son who lives with a disability and frequents the Soul Shack with an abundance of joy and fun. I understand the true challenges of supporting a person with disabilities to help them become the best version of themselves, so love to see guests building capacity and forming friendships whilst with us at the Shack. 

I have worked 15 years in the mental health field in the recovery space and before that as a volunteer lifesaver and professional lifeguard, as the NQ branch director of youth development and branch administrator competing to the world level in both first aid and surf boat rowing. I love to travel, mainly through third world countries, to immerse myself in different cultures and grow from each experience.

Being part of the Soul Shack team is a dream for me. This model is something that I have wanted for my child all his life and now here it is on our doorstep. How lucky are we? 😊



A mum who believes success comes from a little hard work and tonnes of laughter.

I have been a Support Worker (Cert 3 Individual Support) with several local providers, mostly working with people with challenging behaviours. I am able to change my demeanour to assist a person to co-regulate, such as be calm and gentle when a person is overwhelmed, and loud and energetic when a person is lacking motivation.

I love camping, exploring nature, visiting new places, having fun and being a little silly to create laughter in others. I believe it is important to be in the moment, and not always take life too seriously.

I work full-time as the Camp Co-ordinator and senior support worker at The Soul Shack.  



A giggling teen with a huge heart and love for adventure.

I am a qualified Allied Health Assistant (Cert 4 Allied Health Assistant), Disability Support Worker (Cert 3 Individual Support – Disability) and Aged Care Worker (Cert 3 Individual Support – Aged Care).

My childhood memories are full of budget international travel - backpacking through Asia, campervanning through Europe, and living in Vanuatu. By the time I was a teenager I had travelled to over 30 countries.

I love being a member of the Soul Shack team, I get to wear costumes, sing my voice out at karaoke, snorkel and swim in paradise, whilst supporting great people. 



A Third Generation born-and-raised babinda local, who loves swimming and a big feed.

One of my favourite places to swim is the Babinda Boulders but any local swimming hole will do on a hot day. I play volleyball and love to shoot hoops with friends. Gaming is a big part of my family life where I can connect with my older brothers and sister who I don’t see often. 

I am the youngest of five, and have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander roots.

I live with verbal dyspraxia (difficulties with speech), which means I understand how hard it can be for people to feel comfortable. I’ve learnt that humour is one of the best ways to communicate and I laugh at myself a lot.  

I’ve tried my hand at different training and learning such as retail, automotive preparation, sport and recreation, and a Diploma of Higher Education with JCU, before setting my sights on a Bachelor of Social Work. While studying, I worked in a bar where I realised I prefer to work with my hands more than put my head in a book. 

I am now a support worker at The Soul Shack 


Pirate in training!

I grew up in the dusty surroundings of Wagga Wagga, playing under gumtrees and floating down rivers. 

There I completed my Cert 3 in aged care whilst doing my year 12 studies. I then went on to complete two years of my nursing degree. During this I travelled to India to do volunteer nursing in the hospitals and women's centres. It was here I found my new found love for the world of ADVENTURE! No one could stop me, I had to follow my heart and explore new things. I deferred my nursing, packed up my kombi van and off I went to Byron Bay. Byron became my base for the next 10 years whilst continuing to hop around the globe. During this time I worked in aged and disability care, travelled, owned cafes, started my own clothing line and made a new plan to sail around the world. 

I have recently returned to Australia after sailing all over Europe with my partner and best mate, living the dream!

 I now find myself nestled amongst the beautiful FNQ rainforest spending time with family and the most outrageously awesome crew of The Soul Shack! 




An Aussie larRIkin pursuing a new passion as a successful Distiller.

I have worked for 15 years in the Community Services sector, starting as an Office Manager in an Allied Health business for six years. I then worked with people with mental health challenges as a Service Coordinator and Personal Recovery Coach at not-for-profit organisations.

Three years ago, I took a leap of faith to pursue a dream of creativity by starting my own business: FNQ Spirits.

My role at The Soul Shack is gardening and handyman tasks, and the very occasional assistance as a support worker.




A happy go lucky gal who loves a bit of adventure in her life. 🏞

I recently moved up from Victoria to live a life of rainforest adventures.
Having over 10 years experience in disability support and 18 months in outdoor education, I have combined my skills and taken a leap of faith to begin my journey at the Soul Shack.

My favourite thing about camps is the connection it promotes. I love watching the shackers build confidence, make new friends, overcome challenges and sing and dance to their hearts content and...I also don't mind a bit of a boogie myself 💃✨️


Cairns born and raised

I'm a sporty and active local from the surrounding area aiming to use my resilience and passion to support the community and show what "disability" really means to me.

After 2 years of helping at the Soul Shack, I decided to start my journey in the sector by completing a Cert 3 in Individual Support Work. Since gaining my Cert 3, I am looking to progress my knowledge and understanding of disability work in order to offer the support to people that I didn't have growing up.

Working at the Soul Shack has opened my eyes to all the possibilities there are when working in the Disability Sector. The team and I couldn;t see myself starting my journey anywhere else.


I am a Cairns girl born and raised and have recently bought a property and house in local area, so finding employment at Soul Shack was just perfect for me! I have been a disability support worker for over 5 years and love the satisfaction that it brings me to play a significant role in the lives of other people. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, swimming, going to the gym and spending time in the great outdoors! I am an avid animal lover and especially love spending time with my horse and my dogs. My pony club days and experiences through high school taught me so much and allowed me to appreciate the benefits involved in owning a horse and I am so grateful for that! I have done a bit of travelling overseas, but would love to have the opportunity to do more travelling and see more of Australia and the world! However, for now, I have definitely found my happy spot to live, and work with the amazing crew at the Soul Shack!




Hey I’m Ruby, I have a little brother with Down Syndrome and Autism. He has been on a couple of camps at the Soul Shack and after seeing how much fun he would have, it made me want to be part of the team. I have enjoyed working with the Soul Shack Team so much that I am doing my Cert 3 in individual support work while still attending school. I love going on the camps. 😊


Bass Junkie 🎸

A lifelong student of the road I’m back in Cairns to be closer to my family as my parents move into retirement. My parents have been working as special needs teachers for many years and I’ve grown up supporting my younger sister throughout her youth. 

Formerly a professional chef in my free time I love to cook, play my bass guitar and spend time outdoors.

I’m currently completing my certificate III in individual support and have just begun my journey at the Soul Shack. I love having the opportunity to support and grow with the rest of our Shackers.


happy smiley lady

I started out as a guest on camp and now I work here, and also attend camps 😊

I work at the shack 5 days a week and my role is to look after the animals and help with the upkeep of the property.

Some of my favourite things to do on camp is kayaking, swimming, lawn mower racing, karaoke, dress up nights and trying things I haven't tried before.

In my free time I enjoy swimming and having a good old yarn to my friends.

May-Brit (may)

Cairns local who loves animals, exploring and travel

I grew up traveling outback Australia from the age of 5. I’ve been chased by wild horses, almost attacked by a wild boar and been bogged with my parents on a sand dune in Cape Yorks croc infested waters where we ended up having to spend the night! And that was all by the age of 9! Many more amazing memories came after that bringing an amazing childhood full of adventure.

I worked in the education system for almost 15 years, starting in a teaching role before becoming a teacher coach and travelling all over Australia and its islands to remote Indigenous Communities.

When COVID hit I joined my husband at a school on the APY Lands in Far North SA only 2 ½ hours from the glorious Uluru and took an Admin role.

Upon returning to Cairns for the birth of our first grandchild, I was lucky enough to get a job at the amazing Soul Shack where every day is relaxing and enjoyable, filled with special people and animals.